Publications & Conferences

Coffee industry 4.0 –> 4.all, Global Forum 2019, France

From #farm to #cup, Global Forum 2018, Denmark

Improve health in developing countries, Global Forum 2017, Canada

TECHNOLOGY, WISDOM & WELL-BEING by Eyal Bloch &Philippe Scheimann

“Good Life” Company – Model and implementation by Philippe Scheimann & Dr Alexander Ayalon HR Israel Conference (2013)

“Good Life” Company – Model and possible implementation by Philippe Scheimann & Dr Alexander Ayalon Conference of the Israel Society for Quality (2013)

READY FOR INNOVATION? DO YOU BELIEVE THAT WORK AND HAPPINESS CAN GO TOGETHER?  By Philippe Scheimann and Ophira Scheimann 21th International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality (2012)

TECHNOLOGY AND WISDOM : A new Approach of combining the Ego and the electronic Ego (e­Id@I) as a means of developing wisdom in present day youth by Eyal Bloch and Philippe Scheimann (Conference ICICTE 2010)

Conference Edge 2009: Inspiration and Innovation in Teacher education

From Clouds to Transparency in the relationships between patient 2.0 & Health care practitioners By Philippe Scheimann and Dr D. Laury, chapter 12 of the book “Beyond eHealth: a global vision” published in 2010.

WWW: Win Win with the Wind  (Conference of the Israel Society for Quality Nov 2002) Full paper in English by Ophira Scheimann and Philippe Scheimann

VNeP: Technologies de l’information et resolution de conflit (2003)

2001: On becoming a leader, presented at AoM 17th Annual Academic/Practitioner Management Conference, San Diego, CA, Aug 6-8, 1999 Full paper

2001: On becoming a person, presented at   EthiComp99, Rome, Italy, October 1999 Full paper

Business framework for simultaneous engineering using transaction cost theory and the concept of intranet (International Congress of Israel Quality Association – Nov96) Full paper in English

Improving the quality of the processes toward a learning organization (Israeli Quality Management Congress – Nov94).

IT and Internet inside and outside the organization (Israeli MIS Congress May 95  in hebrew) – Israeli Magazine Mahasse Hochev June 96)

Effective use of IT in organisations(Israeli MIS Congress May 93)

La méthode TMS (in French -MCS magazine 93)

A quote:
C.Argyris: “One of the most powerful ways people deal with potential embarrassment is to create organizational defensive routines. This is any action or policy that prevents human beings from experiencing negative surprises, embarrassment, or threat, and simultaneously prevents the organization from reducing or eliminating the causes of the surprises, embarrassment, and threat. Organizational defensive routines are anti-learning and overprotective. These defensive routines are organizational in the sense that individuals with different personalities behave in the same way; and people leave and new ones come into the organization, yet the defensive routines remain intact.”